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Meet Mike Stolte, CIEL President

 Mike and Peter Kenyon, from the Bank of IDEAS, are interviewed in Bendigo, VIC, Australia by ABC on what makes communities thrive. More

Mike Stolte is the President of CIEL. 

Mike has spent many years working in the field of community, economic & business/ entrepreneurial development, working with dozens of communities with CIEL's tools that assist communities to ASSESS - FOCUS - ACT. He has facilitated several national conferences and think-tanks, and has written many articles in the field as himself and as the Happy Economist. Mike has made presentations across Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.  His work has been featured in the Globe & Mail's Report on Business, Canadian Living & Profit magazines, on CBC radio's Sounds Like Canada, and on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mike is a former economist with the Government of Canada and the past president of the Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation.


"CIEL's insight into what makes communities tick and their ability to translate those insights into real world tools, strategies and actions are worth a look."

Michael Buda

Senior Policy Analyst, Federation of Canadian Municipalities 


"Mike Stolte is the most fascinating economist ever"

Shelagh Rogers 

CBC Radio Host


""Mike and his tools and processes are wonderful to work with. He knows communities. The depth of CIEL's tools bring credibility, rigour and confidence to the process"

 Antoinette Danaher Uncommon Solutions PL, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia